5 Amazing Scientific Inventions and Discoveries

                                       5 Amazing Scientific Inventions and Discoveries

Over the past couple of decades, mankind has discovered and invented some of the most fascinating things since the dawn of humanity. From the invention of the personal computer and the mobile phone to the discovery of new planets and galaxies and complex Physics Formulas humanity has made strides in enhancing the way we live.

Scientific breakthroughs are becoming more and more common with use of advancedtechnologies made by man.Technology is not only helping us with inventions, but also scientific discoveries that can be essential in the evolution of the world.

Although, scientific achievements, discoveries, and inventions are made all the time, some of them hold a special significance or fascination. Let’s take a look at five such scientific inventions and discoveries made by man in recent times.

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NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently discovered a solar system with seven planets the size of the Earth around a single star. Three of the planets in this system are said to be in the habitable zone and could have liquid water.The system was located by the Spitzer Space Telescope and sets the record for being the system with the most habitable- zone planets around a single star. Maybe in the future we could find planets that also have Flora and Fauna.

The Oldest Vertebrate On Earth

According to scientists, a shark swimming in the deep sea’s of Greenland is the oldest living vertebrate on earth. Thanks to radiocarbon dating, scientists were able to figure out the average lifespan of the Greenland shark to be somewhere between 272 and 512 years of age. Low-key metabolism and the cryogenic state of habitat could be the answer to their long lifespan.

Lab Grown Human Muscle

As we know the human body is very fragile, and any kind of heavy impact or injury can do plenty of damage. With the ever increasing accidents, many people lose major parts of their body including muscle tissues in the process. Duke University has come up with a revolutionary method to grow muscle using progressive stem cells. This can be used in safer drug testing, and medical experiments and also growing new muscle tissue for accident victims.

New Species of Human

According to science, humans beings have evolved more than 200,000 years ago but the recent discovery of a jaw-bone in Ethiopia is now forcing scientists to reconsider the human evolution as the fossil was dated to be at least 2.8 million-years- old. They were found in an South African cave and are considered to be a new classification of the human species called Homo-naledi.

HIV Vaccine

For decades now, the HIV virus cost the lives of millions of human beings all over the world and still is. This plague of a disease has been spread all across the globe like wildfire and is showing no signs of stopping. But the scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have recently developed a vaccine that has shown signs of fending off the HIV-1, HIV-2 immunodeficiency virus. Despite being the initial sages, the results look extremely promising and could possibly terminate the disease permanently in the future.

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